Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YAK TRACKS: "Get Your Yak On" for IRON CHEF 2011 - Yakitome!

We're gearing up for our first-ever Champlain College IRON CHEF competition.

Team "Yakitome" - featuring Ryan Fitzpatrick of 156 Bistro, Kathleen Barnes of Champlain's Office of Advancement, and the Vermont Yak Company, working with a DREAM team of Champlain students, will prepare and serve 500 servings of a special GET YOUR YAK ON dish at Champlain College's dining hall on Thursday afternoon, February 17, from 1-7.

Come by for some tasty treats, music by Michael Yakson, and more!

All in the service of raising money for the DREAM program.

Get your yak on!

Friday, February 4, 2011

YAK TRACKS: At a Beijing Penis Restaurant, Yak Penis Is The "Best"...

We'd like to say we're surprised. But no, just another reason to love yak.