Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yak Chef's Challenge: What Does Yak Taste Like? (Chefs Weigh In)

We invited four Valley chefs to whip up something wonderful with our yak meat.

Boy, did they deliver.

My favorite was the "Yak Wellington," a tender piece of yak wrapped in a pita-like bread blanket, dipped in a spicy mustard sauce, and served on a bed of fresh local greens and vegetables.

To quote Jerry, the hilarious head chef from Sugarbush Resort's "Timbers" restaurant: "I'd buy yak meat," he concluded. "I wouldn't flinch for a moment."

We then took "American Flatbread" chef Jeremy Silansky over to the farm next door to help us herd. I think he had fun, despite the ninety degree heat and humidity.

Special thanks to John and Trey at the 1824 House Inn, for hosting our very first "Yak Chef's Challenge"!

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