Sunday, December 14, 2008


Winter has come to Steadfast Farm.

Gone are the leisurely summer and fall days - chasing yaks around green pastures.

We are hunkering down for a long winter.

The hay bales are all up, the water pipes are all winterized, the bubbler is in the trough, and the yaks are happy to have it cold.

The rhythm of our winter days is a bit different - our work is more solitary. Susan is up early to feed and water the 4 leggeds most mornings, and the Williams team handle most of the afternoon feedings, with Dave helping out.

First we get the water trough filling, and then shred the hay bales - enough for two big feeder fulls and some loose hay along the fence - and ensure that everyone gets some of the good energy in that summer cut grass.

This video gives you a glimpse of Steadfast Farm in the snow.

Kudos to our youngest VYC member - 6 year old Theron Williams - for his steady shot camera work with Jet Black in the corral/barn sliding door munching.

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