Saturday, July 25, 2009

YAK TRACKS: LETTER - Hi, this is Texas calling - we'd like to buy some Yak Ribeye..?!

From the "You know you might have a successful product when..." department. Or - "When Texans call you to order Ribeyes, you know you are on to something."

This is an email we received yesterday.

Hi Rob,

My son and I were there at the last weeks Farmers Market and bought 5 of the Rib Eyes and they were absolutly fantastic.

Now we are back in Austin, Texas and would like to get some shipped to me for all my friends here in Texas.

This is possible I hope, as we are looking forward to getting some shipped to us.

You charged me 14.99 a pound and I know there is shipping.

Can you tell me what it would cost to get 5 or 10 pounds?

Thank you and have a fantastic day.

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