Friday, October 31, 2008

Yak Tracks: Yak Calf Touch Down (Bad News, Then Good News)

Our first snowfall of the winter arrived in Mad River Valley two days ago, and with it, and somewhat unexpectedly, two brand-new calves.

Unfortunately, one arrived in the middle of the night - blowing snow and sub-zero temperatures - and we didn't find her until late the next morning. She didn't make it - and the sadness of feeling the passing of a creature we didn't get a chance to know was tough. Mother Lila, a beautiful Trim with wonderful eyes - indicated her sadness, too, with plenty of grunting and exploration of the pasture.

But tempering this was the birth to one of our Royals - Oreo - of a new calf later in the day.

Emma named her "Lucky," and we all agree that a better name could not be found.

Here she is:

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