Monday, January 5, 2009

YAK TRACKS: Happy New Year, R.I.P. Bebe, and Winter Yaks

Greetings, friends of Vermont Yak Company, and happy new year.

We hope your holidays proved as yak-tacular as ours!

We did start new year's on a sad note.

Our much-beloved little yak - Bebe, a yearling plus who came to us from Minnesota - passed away from complications due to pneumonia some time over the hours of New Year's Eve night. We discovered her situation, acted on it as quickly as we can, and, as we monitored her health - moving her into the barn, surrounding her with warm hay bales and a blanket, and taking other steps - she seemed to be doing better the night of the big 'eve.

But we discovered her the next morning - and her yak spirit had departed.

Thanks to our neighbor, vicar Lisa Ransom for the pre-burial prayer. Bebe, we will miss you!

The rest of the yaks seems healthy and are thriving - they love the snow, the wind, and the cold much better than many humans do.

Here's a good look at the four-leggeds.

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