Monday, July 21, 2008

YAK TRACKS: Burlington Free Press Yaks About the Yaks

Here's a rare shot of all six of us (or, our backsides, anyway) - from left to right, Kate, Susan, Paula, Dave, Ted and yours truly behind the camera - moving the animals down from the "upper west side" - last week, prior to our monthly business meeting.

Thanks to journalist Lauren Ober, photographer Alison Redlich, and the "Burlington Free Press," Vermont's largest daily newspaper, for yakking about our yaks today on the front page of their Monday "Business Monday" section.

We are excited about our new business venture, and we appreciate Lauren telling our story with such gusto.

A side note, as many folks have asked: the best to time to stop by for a visit at the farm is week days around 5:00, when we bring the herd into the corral for our daily "yakking" session - grain and good company. It never hurts to call ahead, either - as no one day is like any other.

Hope to see you at the farm.

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