Wednesday, July 23, 2008

YAK TRACKS: Summer at the Yak Farm - Video Vignettes

Anyone who farms will tell you. The list of chores is endless. On the list right now, on top of daily herd maintenance:

TO DO: Get the hay in (if the durn rain would stop for even 24 hours); brushhog the fields; cut fence line grass and burdocks; test the headgate; tag the new yaks; emasculate the bull calves; prepare for "Taste of the Valley" event on August 4...

But what fun, especially when you can farm with your neighbors and friends.

Here's a few video vignettes for you of summer on the farm:

Ted, Kate and Nick test our new head gate (big shout out to Dave and Ted for spearheading this project):

Bottle feeding the yak calves (yak milk maidens are indeed a glorious sight):

And we finally got our Vermont Yak Company sign posted up on Route 100 (Big shout out to Susan for painting the sign - a woman of many talents) - look for the "Local First" white flag and Dave's red "Hartshorn Farm Stand" sign, too.


safriz said...

can the yak live at lower altitudes? I am from sweden and live in the north.Here the temperatures go below minus 30 degree centigrade but we live at almost sea level.Will the yak be succesful here?

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