Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yak Package: Wait, It's a BOY!

Wait. Let's see that again.

That's the look of an irate Mama (Stormy) after charging me from across the corral.

And here's the little one, under one day old.

There's just no telling what you might find under a newborn yak's belly when you look.

Like a "yak package," for example. Testes. Cojones. 

Yep. "Baby May" is, in fact, a boy. A bull calf-in-training.

We're leaning towards the name "Tashi," which is a Tibetan word meaning "prosperity." (Thanks, Kate, for doing some research here.)

Mama Stormy and Baby Tashi spent the morning in the corral yesterday, sleeping and nursing.
Stormy wandered off into the pasture late in the afternoon, leaving Tashi behind. Dave kindly reunited the two up in the pasture later that evening.

Looks like Tashi will come home for bottle-feeding and training on Friday.

Needless to say, the kids are excited.

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