Monday, May 12, 2008

Yak Tacular! Our first calf arrives at Steadfast Farm...

We've been waiting for the calves to drop.

And tonight around 5:45 p.m., the first one - we're calling her "May" for now - arrived.

Her Mama (a wonderful yak named Stormy - #53) was back up and on her feet by the time we arrived at 6:15, and "May" followed soon after, being licked and nuzzled by her mama, and occasionally having horns rubbed up against her, as well.

Interestingly, our other three mamas - Lady Slipper, Mary Jane, and Black Magic Woman - all paid a visit, and Stormy backed off and let them each take their turn sniffing and welcoming the new one. The three new bull calves came to say Hello, as well.

On a stranger note -

Papa Ringo soon sauntered over, sniffed the new one, and promptly tucked his horn under the calf and threw her into the air a few times. A bit un-nerving - clearly, our Wooly male needs a parenting class - and Dave hopped the fence to chase him off, almost getting charged by Mama Stormy, but not before Dave picked up the little one and moved her away from the big bull.

Good thing Dave's wife Paula is a counselor. Clearly, Ringo is going need some coaching on the couch.

Here's a look at Mama Stormy and Baby May...

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